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Hi, I'm Kat and I kinda like that TV show with the vampires that don't sparkle.

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Next Episode: 6x01 - "I'll Remember"- Air Date: October 2nd 2014 - Season 6 Premiere
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Nina Dobrev playing “Two Truths and a Lie” about season 6. [x]

Paul Wesley + hugging his fans during panels

Ian and Kat being adorable little shits during the cast’s EW interview (x)

Fan question: “Hi Paul my question is, Is Stephen going to have a harder time at the beginning of season 6 because of what happened to Damon? Or will he try to move on and help Elena as well?” x

nina dobrev for nylon magazine (august 2014).

@katgrahampics: Paul and Issa reenacting the scene from Titanic.

Nina Dobrev interviwed by MTV at Comic-Con, July 25th 2014