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Hi, I'm Kat and I kinda like that TV show with the vampires that don't sparkle.

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Next Episode: 6x01 - "I'll Remember"- Air Date: October 2nd 2014 - Season 6 Premiere
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❝every queen needs her KING.❞ ♕ (10/18/14)

Candice Accola and Joe King Wedding
New Orleans, Louisiana - October 18, 2014

"real life dream sequence…"


I’m a terrible, awful person, but I`m working on it.

is that what we’re doing?

                   pretending like our live’s aren’t screwed?

Alaric: Alright. Good night, Jenna.
Jenna: Good night.

Anonymous: Hi! Do you take requests?

Hi! for sure, just let me know what you’d like and i’d be happy to make it :)

BTS Nina Dobrev for Elle China (September, 2014)

BTS Nina Dobrev for Elle China (September, 2014)

The Vampire Diaries 6x04 Still - Flashback on 90s Stefan and Damon!